Fat Kid on a Bike day #7 4-7-11

  My bike is still in Nordeast. This Magna is so small. But I’m gonna stick with it. I am in Minnetonka till Sunday. Next week I am going to try to make more of an effort. I had a lot going on this week, but people who give up their cars have a lot going on as well and they do just fine. My eating has been really bad as well this week. I have been slacking in a lot of areas of life this week. To morrow is Friday and I am going to do some yoga and hang with some great friends, maybe this will center me a little more. This time I headed into the big town of Glen Lake. Glen Lake is a small community located in Minnetonka that was a train station on the rail line that headed to Excelsior at one time. Now it is a little town with all of the finest amenities, aside from a bike shop. In January Tonka Cycle closed, they were there ever since I can remember. I took my bike there all the time when I was a kid. They were always great to us kids. This brings me to another point, please support you small, local bike shop. Chain shops have their purpose, but small shops are where it’s at. I like to be a person rather then a statistic. Small shops seem to work for your business and try harder to keep it. I may be a little bias, because of me formally having a part in a small bike shop. But my ride was great until the hills of Woodhill Road. Ever try to do huge hills on a little bike. Do I here a joke? Fat guy on a little bike….. Well my ride went well and I think I did like seven miles or so. I am feeling better but tomorrow I am getting my bike! Happy riding

Fat Kid on a Bike day #6 4-6-11

  Stayed out in Minnetonka my usual lat night ride, but this was one around my own stomping ground. I left my bike in Nordeast so Mom’s Magna will have to do, I hope no one sees me! The things the trees in this neighborhood could tell you if the could talk. It’s great to ride a bike through the neighborhood that you grew up in at the age of 36. I remember riding here with training wheels, going off jumps, and doing skids. Man do I miss the coaster break, I loved to do skids. Every boy that used to take his bike off jumps had a mishap that affected his manhood at one time. We called it a “raunch”. Oh the memories that I will revisit in the days to come. But I really need my bike, I’m not a fan of this Magna. Tomorrow will be a better ride. Take a ride where you grew up, it’s great to revisit.

Fat Kid on a Bike day #5 4-5-11

Another late night ride. I get home from school, and running errands and jump on the bike. I am not a big fan of riding my bike late at night when I have to get up early, it keeps me up. So this week life is getting to me, lots of outside issues to think about on my late night rides. Sorting out life with God should be the title of these rides. I do not advocate riding with headphones on but I like to at night I find that I can see car lights coming in the dark, but I almost got hit going under a street light. Later this week I have to go out to Minnetonka to take care of my parents dogs while they go to Disney World with my four year old nephew. I’ll keep ya posted. I hope you path crosses lots of love.

Fat Kid on a Bike day #4 4-4-11


I am sore from my little rides. My life is getting in the way of my biking. So today I had to ride when I got home from my adventures. My eating was poor garbage all day. I went to the gym twice today. I went to Old Chicago and a lovely lady gave me he number, but she said that she had a boy friend, how does that work. Its nice to see that I might still have a little game left in me. So I got home and rode my bike to the Quarry and back, which by the way is about a 2 mile ride. Not the long rides that I need to make this work. I keep trying to decide where in my life these rides are having the most positive effect, my mind, body, or soul? This will be answered as this journey is continued over the next month or so. Happy trails to everyone……..

Fat Kid on a Bike day #3 4-3-11


Yea yea I know, My computer is being a little baby so posting has been a little troublesome. I rode to the gym this morning its about 6 miles each way. I ride from Northeast Minneapolis to Roseville on the Diagonal Trail its quite a nice trail. One kinda spooky part is the cemetery but beautiful in the morning. I went to the gym twice today as well. My eating was really good today. I had six protein shakes, a couple of chicken breasts and some bacon and eggs. I am looking towards leaving my truck at home and living on the bike. My mood is getting better, I notice that the night rides are doing my mind a great deal of good. I recently went through a hard break up along with a realization that my spirtual being was also in trouble. Riding my bicycle has helped both. Although I have been riding late at night, I look forward to getting on the bike and going through my day. My soul feels better and better after every ride. I hope everyone is enjoying the 30daysofbiking? I am always looking for new and exciting rides to go on so keep me posted!

Fat Kid on a Bike day #2 4-2-2011

  Today was a bust. Got up went to the gym, had coffee and did not much else. I hooked up with a few friends and went out on Saturday night. I fully intended to check out Artcrank but had a friend in need. I did see the crew on the “no pants” ride cruise down Hennepin, looking great! I made it home with my needy friend in tow and we talked till the witching hour. I almost went to bed without a ride, but guilt forced me out the door to ride to the Quarry and back. My eating was super bad, all I can say is crunchwrap supreme. Part of this journey is honesty. If you are hoping to follow this and see a miracle, I think the Disney Channel may be what you need. I will be honest about my habits, and who knows I might miss a day of riding over 30daysofbiking. Tomorrow, SUNDAY FUNDAY!

Fat Kid on a Bike day #1 4-1-2011

 Well it was cold and rainy when I went for my first ride of 30days of biking. I had a protein shake before I went. I rode 8 miles and was a little sore. I did really good with my eating for the first part of the day. I am trying to eat the low carb thing. I had mostly carb free till the banana bread incident. Then it went down hill from there. I ate an awesome walleye sandwich from the Uptown diner, then some friends were having a little get together. I walked in the door and bam, pizza fell in my mouth. I ate this crap late at night too. To prepare for this I have eating lo-carb for about 2 weeks and loosing weight. Along with diet I have been in the gym doing some weight training and cardio to improve my health. Tomorrow in a new day. Good riding to all.

Fat Kid on a Bike #30daysofbiking Journey

Hi, My name is Michael. I am one of the new moderators for BikeMinneapolis.org. As we all know 30daysofbiking starts today (April 1st 2011) this is the second year these two crazy guys a have gotten behind this incredible thing. This year I will be doing something special for 30daysofbiking. I’m gonna ride my bike, watch what I eat, and post daily what I am doing. I will track my progress weekly and report back to you. I currently weigh 310 pounds and have a body fat percentage of 33.1% with a body mass index of 43.1.

A little bit about me. I live in Northeast Minneapolis. I started riding a bike, more than recreation-ally, in March of 2010. I found that not only did I feel better physically but the mental aspect was incredible. I realized that this would be great for everyone. I really got into riding my bike over the summer and lent a hand in starting a bike shop in Minneapolis. I am a member of the MCTC Bike Collective and sit on the Board of Directors for my neighborhood association. My goal is to lose some weight, feel better, and show people that riding a bike is a great way to achieve a better life style. Throughout the 30daysofbiking I will be posting daily about my rides, what I ate and how I am feeling.

Over the next 30 days I encourage you to keep tabs on me, encourage me, question me, hold me accountable, and watch my progression. I have a few people behind me watching out for me. Marissa Chase from http://backtobacon.blogspot.com Marissa is a mother, graduate student, yoga instructor, nutritionist, daughter, sister, future phd, future college professor, carnivore, yogi, b-girl, babysitter, homemaker, writer, painter, poet, and friend. She will be advising me on my diet and helping me with a little mind body connection through yoga. I have found her advice quite helpful and she has become a great asset to my life. I encourage you to follow her blog and try to pick what she’s putting down.

I will continue to post daily.  I will report my progress every Saturday and I hope to run in to you all at some point in the next 30 days.