Cool Bike Blog of the Week

Okay, we are going to start things up again with the Cool Bike Blog of the Week. Every week I will post a bike blog/website that I have come across which I feel deserves some attention. It might be any old blog where someone is posting their daily rides, a site promoting advocacy, or some zany event or video. It could be anything. But, I will always attempt to have it be relevant and important to some aspect of bicycling which makes a statement about the blogs particular motivation. Something that will be helpful, educational, or entertaining for BikeMinneapolis readers.

Doug from MnBicycleCommuterThis week I have selected Doug’s MnBicycleCommuter blog. Doug is from Duluth, MN and rides everyday, commuting to work, on errands, and weekend pleasure rides. He isĀ also a winter cyclist. Currently, he is preparing for a summer trip on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.

I really have enjoyed reading Doug’s blog and actually feel like I know this guy. His passion for biking is definitely in his words. You know this guy pretty much lives to ride, whether on his Pugsley during a winter trek, touring/camping on his LHT, or cruising town on the Ellis… No real surprise there. But, I’d say he puts an equally passionate effort into his writing and blogging as he does riding. He is quite articulate and shares his experience from a realistic perspective. He posts a lot of photos, shares his opinions and ideas, and truly shares his experience in a way that others can relate and learn from. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been riding with him! Someday, I hope I can.

As I mentioned, Doug is preparing for the trip of a lifetime, crossing the US on the TransAmerica Bike Trail. He is training methodically to build his everyday endurance. He is sharing everything that he is dong to prepare–from meals, camping, mapping, mail drops, safety, maintenance–and anything else you can think of. I remember following along with Russ and Laura from The Path Less Pedaled, as they made their first journeys into bike touring, and that was so much fun! I only hope that Doug will be able to share his travels as well as he does as preparing for them. I will be definitely checking in on him. You should too! MnBicycleCommuter

If you have a suggestion for Cool Bike Blog of the week, send me an email with the link to the site and why you think it’s cool.