Cool Bike Blog of the Week

The other day I received a twitter follow from one of those twitter id names that kinda makes you stop and think for a moment. I was curious as to what @Biking4Baseball was about, exactly, but I took a second or two to consider the different options. I took a peek at a few recent tweets of theirs to see if I could get a better idea. Nope, no help. So I looked at the bio and it read: 5 guys cycling 11,000+ miles across country to raise funds/awareness for youth mentoring programs. We’re going to all 30 MLB ballparks too. Give us a high-five!

Very Cool!

The more I researched their site Biking For Baseball and read the blog, the more I loved these guys. They are basically riding across the country this summer to all the major league baseball parks, using cycling and baseball to help create more awareness and raise funds to assist youth mentoring programs from all over the country. I read some of their blog, which was started on May 17, 2011–the day that Harmon Killebrew passed away. One of the five riders making this trek is Chase Higgins from Minneapolis. I won’t spoil the story that the blog tells, but I will say it’s well written and good reading for baseball fans and cycling enthusiasts, alike.

At any rate, the Biking For Bicycles cause is definitely something to get behind. Keep an eye out for news of their arrival in Minneapolis mid-July! BikeMinneapolis is hopeful to spend some time with the guys and will definitely do a write-up on the events and festivities.

In the meantime, check out the Biking For Baseball site and read the blog. You can follow their progress, make donations, and even buy some swell looking t-shirts. Lots of pics as they travel on their facebook page also!

Cool Bike Blog of the Week

furry pink bike on venice beachI’ve come across a mess of awesome websites recently in my search for good online biking content. So much, in fact, that I’ve decided it would be fun to post a weekly cool blog of the week, here on BikeMinneapolis. When I started BikeMinneapolis a few years ago (rather feebly, I admit), it was my intent to put the bike community first, and foremost. I believe I can contribute to that goal, by sharing some fun sites that I find, from time to time.

So, for our first installment of Cool Bike Blog of the Week, I thought I would share with you DowntownFromBehind, a fun photographic series on Tumblr that captures people riding their bikes, from behind, all over the streets of NYC. The photos are well done (at least they are planned out and somewhat staged… and you can even but prints) and the editorial copy tells the story of the location of the shot, the people in the photo, and in more recent posts there are relevant links to the people and places in the photos. I found myself rummaging through many of the archives to get a sense of how these shots were produced and to learn more about the photographer and the subjects. I won’t spoil anymore for you… go check it out!

If you know any cool bike sites you feel are worthy of sharing with your fellow bicycle buds, please email us a link and tell us why you dig the site.

Happy biking and surfing!