Free Bike Maintenance Station from Pedal Minnesota during Bike Walk Week

One of the awesome benefits of living in a bike-friendly state is that there are many perks for riders to take advantage of. Take Pedal Minnesota’s free bike tune-up stations. On Saturday, June 9, you can bring your bike to one of two different locations to have your tires aired up, your chain lubed, and get those minor adjustments tweaked by a professional bike mechanic – for free! This is perfect for growing kids who might need their seat height adjusted. Or, maybe your brake cables are a bit stretched and you just need help getting them tightened up.

You will find the free bike stations set up on Hennepin and Washington downtown, and Knox and Lagoon in Uptown. The free service stations are open from 9am until 2pm, on Saturday, June 9.

News Flash: Sabo Bridge Re-Opens!

The Sabo Bridge has re-opened to pedestrians and cyclists as of today, June 1st. When I attended the BAC meeting on Wednesday, some members hinted that it would re-open Monday, June 4th, so this is a nice little surprise, even to me.

The temporary supports will remain in place until permanent repairs can be made.

You can follow progress and get updates at

Behind the Big Wheel

A special demonstration event will take place Thursday, April 21st, from 12:15 to 1PM where bicyclists and general public are invited to get in the drivers seat of a bus or semi truck to see what a driver sees, or more importantly, DOES NOT see. This demonstration is taking place to help educate everyone on the blind spots of a large vehicle. As a bicyclist or pedestrian, understanding the way things look from the big rig driver’s vantage point is something that can increase safety for everyone… maybe even save your life.

The event is being put on by the University of Minnesota Bike Center and is open to the public. It will take place from 12:15 to 1PM at the street location of 6th St SE and SE 23rd Ave, on the NE side of TCF Bank Stadium on the U of M campus. See you there!