One On One to Design and Operate a Bicycle Center at St. Paul Union Depot

One on One Bike StudioAccording to the Ramsey County Regional Rail News (RCRRN)One on One Bicycle Studio will play a key role in the revitalization of St. Paul’s Union Depot. One on One, of course, is a staple in the bicycle community, the first of it’s kind where you can get a cup of joe and a sandwich while shopping for a new bike or, while getting your wheels serviced. I am willing to bet that Gene was a pivotal influence, but is definitely a staunch supporter to this day, of the Stupor Bowl. And, don’t forget the Junkyard. One on One is also known as the bike messenger capital in downtown Minneapolis.

Some of the plans for the new bike center include bike storage, lockers and showers, bike repair and retail services. In addition, they plan to operate a café and art gallery, serving up grab-and-go foods for commuters, gourmet soups, sandwiches and organic, fair-trade coffee. But of course, it’s One on One, right?

I wonder if this means the Stupor Bowl might be getting a new playing field?

See the full press release here at RCRRN site.